2 Idiot Teens In the 90s Start a Business in Trailer for Snack Shack

2 Idiot Teens In the 90s Start a Business in Trailer for Snack Shack

The superhero and Oscar-bait genre may be dominating the box office these days, but Paramount has an incoming comedy from director Adam Rehmeier.

Check out the trailer for Snack Shack:

Here’s the official description for the film:

Nebraska City, summer of 1991—Inseparable best friends AJ and Moose seize the opportunity to run the local pool’s rundown snack shack after their plan to gamble on dog races and sell home-brewed beer goes down the drain. Dreaming of striking it rich, things take an unexpected turn when they meet Brooke, an effortlessly cool lifeguard who puts their big summer plans and their friendship at risk.

Before Snack Shack, Rehmeier was best known for his 2020 movie Dinner in America which was received with great reviews. With that movie being dubbed as a coming-of-age film akin to Napoleon Dynamite, we should expect Snack Shack to have the same kind of vibes.

With the movie being set in the 90s, it’s very likely that they could be targeting the nostalgia of the millennial audience, but any coming-of-age film is likely to relate to any teen from any generation.

I’ll admit, I grew up with the raunchy antics of the American Pie and Will Ferrell-fueled movies like Step Brothers and Talladega Nights; and while I don’t necessarily need those movies to return, it would be great if we could see a new generation of teen comedies with a bit of that auteur flair.

Catch Snack Shack in theaters when it releases on March 15.


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