Get Inside the ‘Driftmark’ Episodes with New House of the Dragon Featurette

Get Inside the ‘Driftmark’ Episodes with New House of the Dragon Featurette

We just get closer to the Targaryen Civil War with every episode of House of the Dragon, and the latest entry has all this drama exploding at the Driftmark with the supposed death of Laenor and the blinding of Aemond Targaryen.

With every episode comes a breakdown by the showrunners and the actors, and here we have them talking about Driftmark and what it means for the series moving forward. Watch this:

Probably one of the biggest events in the series is the marriage of Daemon and Rhaenyra, and we see that this is a symbolism of Rhaenyra’s hardened stance when it comes to claiming the throne. Showrunner Miguel Sapochnik explains, “This consummating of the relationship brings with it all the obstacles. Suddenly with Daemon by her side, Rhaenyra becomes more formidable. It tells us that Rhaenyra is not going away.”

We had just gotten a time jump the episode prior, but now it looks like the episode after this will feature another jump a few years with the Targaryen children fully grown with their own dragons and family beef.

Though we had started the series during a time of peace, the show has steadily ramped up the stakes, showing us a clear divide in the family with the Hightowers wanting Aegon on the throne and Rhaenyra claiming her place as Viserys’ official successor. Admittedly, the series has been more sympathetic to the cause of Rhaenyra, but I am hoping that the show give some proper character exploration to the Green side of the war as well.

Catch the next episode of House of the Dragon on HBO Max this Sunday.


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