Horizon Forbidden West Gets Amazing New Creatures

Horizon Forbidden West Gets Amazing New Creatures

Guerilla Games is ready to expand the world of Aloy with Horizon Forbidden West, and we got a new look at the game thanks to 2021’s Game Awards. Just in, we have a new featurette, and it gives us a look at all the new machines that Aloy will be facing in the sequel.

Check this Horizon featurette out: 

While machines mainly traversed the land in Zero Dawn, the sequel will be giving us even more terrain to explore. Now we get to see these machine/animals in Horizon interact with Aloy underwater, plus we get to see some more airborne contraptions.

After its release in 2017, Horizon has grown to be one of the more popular PlayStation exclusives. Though some of its open-world elements could come out a bit repetitive, it’s vibrant world and unique animal designs make for a great experience overall.

Hopefully Forbidden West will fix some of the issues that players had with the first game. Personally, I’m not a big fan of constantly having to pick up medical supplies and crafting arrows. I would also like some more variety when it comes to interacting with the “animals.” If GTA can make you rob every vehicle, Horizon should have been able to let players ride every animal.

In the Forbidden West, awe-inspiring machines rule the lands. These technologically advanced robots have become Earth’s dominant species and pose a serious threat throughout Aloy’s mission.

Catch Horizon Forbidden West when it comes out for PS4|PS5 on Feb. 18, 2022.


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