“The Greatest Privilege of My Professional Career”: Henry Cavill Updates on Warhammer Series

“The Greatest Privilege of My Professional Career”: Henry Cavill Updates on Warhammer Series

Henry Cavill may not have been able to continue as Superman or Geralt of Rivia, but Amazon Prime Video was quick to sign him up on a project that Cavill is no doubt passionate about—Warhammer 40,000.

It’s been a year since Cavill’s involvement with Warhammer had been announced, and though we haven’t gotten any significant updates, Cavill tells Happy Sad Confused, “It is the greatest privilege of my professional career, to have this opportunity. I can’t say too much, again, it’s early days still; but to have this opportunity to bring it to the screen, and be at the tiller—so it can be faithful—is key to me.”

We still don’t know what a Warhammer property on Amazon could look like, but even during his Superman days, Cavill has made an impression on internet fans when he revealed that he was a massive nerd, painting his Warhammer minis and assembling a PC.

As for Warhammer, the franchise was a tabletop game that launched way back in the 80s, and is considered to be quite popular in the UK. The game is essentially in the same genre of Doom, set in a violent dystopian future where humans have to fight off aliens and all kinds of supernatural entities.

Warhammer has spawned multiple spinoffs from books and toys to video games, but they have yet to touch on television or movies.

“This is the stuff I’ve been dealing with since I was a kid,” gushes Cavill, “This is the stuff I spent my free time daydreaming about—as an adult as well, and I get to bring it into life. And there is no greater reason that I joined the industry than doing something like this, and I’m very happy to be here.”

As of now, Amazon’s Warhammer still has no official release date, but you can catch Cavill in Argylle now in theaters.


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