Kingsman Director Pitches a Superman: Red Son Movie Starring Henry Cavill

Black Adam may have given us hope that Cavill would be back, but with James Gunn rebooting everything, it looks like Cavill has finally been forced to hang up the cape—or has he?

In a recent interview with Post Cred Pod, Argylle director Matthew Vaughn pitches that he should make a Superman: Red Son movie with Cavill as the star. Here’s the interview clip:

“I thought Red Son was one of the cleverest comics I’d ever read, and the current world we’re living in, it’s certainly become a lot more relevant,” says Vaughn.

For context, Superman: Red Son was an Elseworlds comic from Mark Millar which imagines Superman landing in Russia rather than the US when he was sent to Earth. With the Man of Steel being raised with communist ideals, Superman is able to make the world bend to Russia’s ideals, and the only one standing in his way is the US president Lex Luthor.

Not only do we get alternate versions of Superman, Lex, and everyone else in the Superman mythos, but we also get alternate versions of heroes like Wonder Woman, Batman, and Green Lantern.

WB actually released an animated adaptation of the comic back in 2020, but it did alternate a lot of elements from the comic that made the take a lot edgier:

So far, it does seem that Gunn is going back to square one, but he is said to be keeping a lot of other actors from the DCEU into his new DCU. Too bad there wasn’t any room for Henry Cavill to stay on.

We don’t know if there’s room in Gunn’s DC for a Red Son adaptation, but you can watch out for Vaughn’s Argylle now in theaters.


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