Henry Cavill in Talks to Return as Superman for the DCEU

Henry Cavill in Talks to Return as Superman for the DCEU

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Though Henry Cavill had never officially left the role, a lot of people thought that his future as Superman for the DCEU was basically thrown out the window. Good news is, we could be getting Cavill back as the Man of Steel soon.

According to The Wrap, Cavill is currently in talks to reprise the role of Superman in a future DCEU film. We don’t know the specifics of his return yet, but we do know that he’s set to comeback to the screens soon.

While some think this could be for a Superman sequel, some think that it could have something to do with pick-ups for the Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Then again, I would love for Cavill to make a cameo in another DCEU hero’s film. His schedule didn’t allow for him to make a cameo in Shazam!, but hopefully he’s there to help Billy Batson when it comes to the sequel.

I wouldn’t be object to a Captain Marvel v Superman clash as well, but I’m willing to wait until all the characters are better established.

For now, WB can only do so much when it comes to building hype for the DCEU. We know that Wonder Woman 1984 is set to come out in August, but for now, the main focus is on the release of Tenet in July. We should expect some more promos to come out in June, but as of now, everyone is just excited for the official release of the Snyder Cut.

Catch Cavill in Zack Snyder’s Justice League when it comes out on HBO Max sometime in 2021.


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