David Ayer Says His Suicide Squad is ‘Very Easy’ to Complete

David Ayer Says His Suicide Squad is ‘Very Easy’ to Complete

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It took 3 years of endless campaigning, but WB has given in and is releasing Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max. What’s interesting is, Suicide Squad helmer David Ayer wants in, and he reveals online that it wouldn’t take much to finish his original vision for the movie.

When asked by Collider’s Steven Wrintraub on Twitter about his cut, Ayer responded:

If you’ve been following the DCEU, you’ll know that Suicide Squad was the first film to be affected by studio meddling, seeing that WB didn’t want something as dark or edgy as the divisive Batman v Superman. What we got instead was a mess of a film that had been edited by the company that produced the much hyped Bohemian Rhapsody trailer—far from what Ayer originally intended.

If you want a more accurate depiction of what Ayer was planning, some consider the first look at SDCC closer to his version of Suicide Squad:

While it was miracle enough that WB had budged for Justice League, I’m wondering if they would consider releasing Ayer’s version of Suicide Squad. There are still fans who want this version of the movie, and it would definitely help bring in more subscribers for HBO Max. Best of all, it will bring the much needed justice for the reputations of Ayer himself as well as Jared Leto, who had given his all playing the Joker and was panned as one of the worst things about the film.

We don’t know if an Ayer Cut will eventually happen, but maybe we’ll get an update when we find out how Zack Snyder’s Justice League does on HBO Max. Catch it on the platform in 2021.


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