Watch Chris Hemsworth and Jason Momoa Beef about Muscles on Tiktok

Watch Chris Hemsworth and Jason Momoa Beef about Muscles on Tiktok

Chris Hemsworth and Jason Momoa are leads of two huge superhero franchises, and it’s no mystery that both are also required to be absolutely stacked for their movies.

Just in, the two are having a funny little beef online with Momoa teasing Hemsworth about having to get buff for his superhero films. Here’s Momoa’s post teasing his padded superhero costume:


Eat your heart out, @Chris Hemsworth

♬ original sound – Jason Momoa

“What’s up Hemsworth! Check that **** out! You had to work out, I didn’t! *laughs*”

And Hemsworth replied by showing of his huge arms with natural muscles:

“That’s a lovely padded costume you got there, Jason. I prefer a skinsuit myself, mate. I love you, Aquaman.”

Considering how Momoa had to get absolutely ripped for his Aquaman role, it would be a huge convenience for him to just have a padded suit. After all, a lot of his sequences are going to be CG, and it would still be a huge waste of effort if he was going to wear a full skinsuit covering himself up in the movie.

As for Hemsworth, he may not be working on the next Thor movie yet, but he has to get absolutely ripped to play the villain Dementus in George Miller’s upcoming Mad Max prequel Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga.

Though it would have to take some kind of IP miracle for Aquaman and Thor to crossover in a film, it’s just fun to watch Marvel and DC’s arguably beefiest actors have some friendly online beef about being ripped.

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga comes out May 24, 2024. You can watch out for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom when it comes out Dec. 22.


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