HBO Releases Trailer for Westworld 3 Following GOT Finale

HBO Releases Trailer for Westworld 3 Following GOT Finale

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HBO had just ended their flagship series with Game of Thrones, but with the finale comes our first look at another flagship show, Westworld 3. Check out the new trailer starring Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul:

No official description for the show has been given, but it would be a good guess that we’re going to be moving outside of the park and into the world of the future. Though we get a good look at how advanced the Westworld park is, we never really get to see what’s outside of it. It should be fascinating, seeing that a lot of people pay top dollar just to get in Westworld. What kind of world do you think they were trying to escape from.

We don’t have any idea who Paul’s character is in the series, but by the looks of it, looks to be some kind of everyman in the future who ends up robbing some place. No doubt he could be useful for the likes of Dolores, who we see runs into Paul’s character in the end of the trailer.

By the end of the last season, we see Dolores come into the world outside of the park with her goal to end humanity as we know it. We know that other characters like Bernard will be alongside her, but we still aren’t sure if the Man in Black William is alive or not. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see until we get a new trailer.

Catch Westworld 3 when it comes out in 2020 on HBO.




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