HBO Gives Westworld 4 the Greenlight

HBO Gives Westworld 4 the Greenlight

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After Game of Thrones 8, HBO  is looking for another show to be the flasgship. A lot of fans think that Westworld is pretty much up to the task, and it looks like HBO is confident enough to order a fourth season before the Season 3 even comes out.

As per Discussing Film, Westworld 4 has been given the greenlight by HBO, and could start shooting before the year ends. This is interesting, seeing as the show has usually taken a year hiatus inbetween seasons. If the Season 4 starts shooting before 2020, we could be looking at release in 2021. If all goes well, we could even get a fifth season.

Seeing that there was already a lot of confusion over the second season, I don’t actually mind the year-long hiatus that the show undergoes. If it’s all to compensate for the quality of production and writing, then I’m all up for it. Then again, if showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy are confident enough to push forward, then I couldn’t complain.

I just hope that the show doesn’t overstay its welcome on HBO. TV fans know all too well what it’s like when a show runs for too long, and we start to see a recognizable dip in quality toward the end.

Westworld 3 looks amazing though, and I’m interested to see where the story goes. We finally get to explore the current world outside of the park, and we even get to follow a new character being played by Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul. What’s not to love about this HBO show?

Catch Westworld 3 when it comes out sometime in the first half of 2020.


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