Has Robert Pattinson’s Joker Already been Cast?

Has Robert Pattinson’s Joker Already been Cast?

A lot of Bat-fans are excited to see Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight clash with the Riddler, but one villain is considered to be the ultimate Batman nemesis—The Joker. We don’t have news on the Joker in the film, but some new test screening rumors believe that he could be appearing in the movie next year.

As per THR, a test screening has been held for The Batman, with one actor being at the middle of it. Here’s what they wrote:

“Multiple sources tell us that Warner Bros. has been testing two different cuts of The Batman, one with a certain actor, one without. And the final test screening occurred last week, with the decision now made as to which version the studio likes, says one source.”

No details have been revealed on who this actor in the test screenings is, but word had been going around the past month about Barry Keoghan (Eternals) being cast as the new Joker; though we don’t have official confirmation, fans think that WB is deciding this early on who will be Pattinson’s version of the Clown Prince of Crime.

If anything, the presence of the kids in the face paint in the previews could have been a teaser for the Joker (like the Joker Gang in Batman Beyond), but Matt Reeves could very well go in another direction. I guess part of the fun of the Joker is that he doesn’t have any definitive origins, so writers can always get creative.

Catch The Batman when it hits theaters on March 04, 2022.


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