Hayley Atwell Joins Next Mission Impossible Film

Hayley Atwell Joins Next Mission Impossible Film

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Mission Impossible: Fallout may have cast DCEU star Henry Cavill in a major role, but the next MI film is going to be taking from the MCU’s roster this time around. Just in, Captain America’s Hayley Atwell has joined the cast of Misson Impossible 7.

This was first teased by director Christopher McQuarrie:

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And confirmed by Atwell herself later on Instagram:

We don’t know who Atwell is playing yet, but based on her post, it will have to be a character who is against the system. It’s likely she could be a fellow agent as well (we know she can play the soldier roles thanks to Captain America), but I’m up for her being something else entirely.

If anything, I think the sequel will be looking for someone to pair up with Ethan Hunt once again. With his former wife having moved on without him, it’s likely the franchise will give him someone that can actually keep up with his lifestyle, and Atwell could very much fit the role. Then again, I think it would be interesting to see the main villain actually be a woman this time around, but that just seems off-brand for Atwell, seeing her filmography.

How fun would it be if they managed to cast Chris Evans as the main antagonist? With him being done with Captain America, I would love for him to try out more colorful roles this time around. If Ethan Hunt can go up against Superman, how awesome would it be for him to fight Steve Rogers?

Mission Impossible 7 is set for a release on July 23, 2021.



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