James Gunn Starts New Year by Revealing DCU Architects

James Gunn Starts New Year by Revealing DCU Architects

Zack Snyder was considered to be the chief architect of the DCEU around the time that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice released, but with James Gunn and Peter Safran now taking over, a lot of fans thought that Gunn would be taking over that role.

What’s interesting is, on Threads, Gunn has shared that he’s actually hired an entire writers room of “DCU Architects” and he reveals all of them for the New Year. Here’s the post:


The photo also came with the caption:

2023 what a year! A lot of my favorite moments I can’t post because of spoilers, but here are a few from getaways to premieres to writers rooms to publicity tours to spreading my dad’s ashes in Ireland. 2023 was a year of hard work and incredible challenges – but so many wonderful moments within all that. Family, friends, dogs, and films forever. Thanks to everyone who made this year so great.❤️ 2023

According to @DCULatest, the photo from left to right includes Chantal Nong (The Suicide Squad producer), Jeremy Slater (Head Writer for Moon Knight), Christina Hodson (Writer for The Flash and Birds of Prey), Drew Goddard (Writer for Daredevil), Christal Henry (Co-showrunner for Waller), Gunn (DCU Co-CEO) Tom King (DC Comics writer), Galen Waisman (Producer for The Flash), and Safran (DCU Co-CEO).

Though the team does have a lot of seasoned writers from the DC side of things, we also have some members who have worked for the Marvel side. Heck, some people can forget that Gunn also cut his teeth on Marvel properties before jumping onto DC; what with him bringing us the Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

With Snyder not having a clear team of writers, hopefully Gunn presenting his whole team for his version of the DCU is a good sign. Then again, even Lucasfilm had a story group, and we saw how muddled up the Star Wars properties have gotten lately.

Let’s just hope that Gunn manages to pull this off when his DCU officially launches in 2025.


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