Star Wars: Rosario Dawson also Had Fun with that Mini-Landspeeder

Star Wars: Rosario Dawson also Had Fun with that Mini-Landspeeder

Around the time that Ahsoka was playing on Disney+, star Ivanna Sakhno (Shin Haati) went viral with a video of herself smoking and driving a tiny landspeeder. There was a photo of Hayden Christensen on the speeder making the rounds as well, and a lot of the fans online were having fun with the images.

Now for the New Year, things have come full circle as there is also a video of Ahsoka herself Rosario Dawson in costume, driving around in the small speeder. Check this out (via @Chopper_Rebel):

It’s not clear on who exactly owns the tiny speeder, but it’s said to belong to one of the crew members on the set of Ahsoka. Sakhno even made a fun scene at the LA Comic-Con when she showed up riding in the tiny speeder again.

Storywise, the first season of Ahsoka left the characters in a place for the story to grow more. Thrawn has finally escaped Ezra’s trap, but so has Ezra, and he’s found his way back to Hera and the Rebel Alliance. As for Ahsoka, she’s now changed places with Ezra and is now stuck on Peridea with her padwan Sabine; plus, the master-apprentice duo of Baylan and Shin have also been split with Baylan off to find out more about the Mortis gods, and Shin somehow being left to fend for herself among the local pillagers.

I’m just hoping we have a more complete story by the time season two rolls along because based on what happened in the events of the first season, we did not get enough story to tell a satisfying arc.

Catch the first season of Ahsoka now streaming on Disney+.


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