Zack Snyder Not in Any Hurry to be Part of James Gunn’s DCU

Zack Snyder Not in Any Hurry to be Part of James Gunn’s DCU

Zack Snyder’s falling out with DC was pretty well-documented, and it resulted in him slowly getting kicked out with Joss Whedon taking over for Justice League. Despite his exit, a lot of fans are still behind him and are hoping that there’s room for him in James Gunn’s new DCU. The thing is, Snyder himself doesn’t seem interested.

Talking to The Atlantic, Snyder was asked on whether he’s already talked to the new DC leadership, to which he says, “I’m not knocking on James Gunn’s door, going, like, ‘Bro, shoot me one of those sweet movies.’” For now, the goal for Snyder seems to be creating some original IP, like he’s doing with Netflix and Rebel Moon. He says, The holy grail is some original IP that you create, that has resonance and is cool.”

If anything, it does feel like Snyder has gotten out of the superhero bubble before it had started getting stale. All big DC releases for the year have been considered massive flops, and even Marvel Studios hasn’t been able to have the same kind of pull in the box office as it once did.

When it comes to the notion of superhero fatigue, Syder did say, “I have the same fatigue,” explaining that the genre has fallen into some kind of ‘cul-de-sac’ which doesn’t allow for self-contained stories. “No one thinks they’re going to a one-off superhero movie,” said Snyder.

For now, Snyder is focused on the launch of his Rebel Moon franchise, and you can watch the first part now streaming on Netflix.


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