6 Great Indie Games from EGX 2016

6 Great Indie Games from EGX 2016

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Aaero – Mad Fellows Games

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Now onto a game that debuted at EGX last year and went down a treat, Aaero. This on-rails, twin-stick musical shooter from Mad Fellows Games is incredibly hypnotizing, as you become entranced by the music and addicted to achieving the best score possible. Anybody that has played games like Amplitude, or Mad Fellows’ earlier work like Salvage, will feel right at home.

Technical director at Mad Fellows Games, Dan Horbury, describes how Aaero is different to previous music rhythm games:

“You follow a route through the world with different elements that tie into the music. There’s a ribbon you have to follow that keeps up the vocals of an audio track for instance, and a shooting element that matches the beats of the music.”

It’s when those two gameplay elements combine that the game becomes really challenging. Ensuring you follow the ribbon to keep the musical track flowing and your combo multiplying, whilst fending off enemies can be tough. All the while though your head will be bobbing back and forth to the array of licensed music in Aaero.

“The soundtrack consists of fully licensed music,” Dan explains. “So we’ve got labels like Noisia, tracks from artists like Katy B and a collective mix of different genres of music.”

Since it debuted at EGX last year, Aaero is reaching the end of development, despite running into some hurdles.

“We’ve got the game done now, it took a lot longer than expected as there was some optimisation issues on certain platforms,” Dan reveals. “But, we’re at the point now where we’re putting it through with Microsoft to be released on Xbox One first, with the PS4 and PC versions coming as soon as possible.”

So expect Aaero to arrive in the not too distant future.

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