6 Great Indie Games from EGX 2016

6 Great Indie Games from EGX 2016

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88 Heroes – Bitmap Bureau

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Over the years there have been some classic platformers that went on to shape the gaming landscape as we known it. Super Mario, Mega Man 2 and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night are landmark games in their own right. In more recent times, platformers like Super Time Force Ultra and Rogue Legacy have kept the platforming genre alive.

But none have possessed such a neat and creative idea, like 88 Heroes from Bitmap Bureau and Rising Star Games. The game’s premise derives almost entirely from its name: you have 88 minutes, to beat 88 levels, using 88 heroes. Clearly these guys like the number 88.

88 Heroes is an accessible 2D platformer that just begs to be played, because when you do, it becomes difficult to pry yourself away. Playing as each of the unique heroes diversifies the gameplay, as you learn what abilities they posses to quickly traverse your way through the different stages. Some of those heroes include: a magician octopus that can create blocks, a nimble gymnast and a snake, that controls exactly like the classic game of the same name. Each will bring a smile to your face and present a learning curve that keeps the gameplay fresh. Some will offer new ways to traverse levels, whilst others can attack enemies that litter the levels.

The game’s aesthetic is incredibly delightful too, with it being framed as Dr. H8’s monitor screen, the game’s antagonist. He will move about frantically pressing buttons to create the illusions he’s crafting these levels, and wittingly respond each time you meet your demise. PR manager of Rising Star Games, Tyrone Walcott explains how the game draws a crowd wherever they take the game:

“Wherever we’ve taken the game it has always been a crowd pleaser. The game just attracts people and reminds me of the first time Gang Beasts came along. As soon as people realise how easy it is to play, they gravitate toward it.”

88 Heroes has been in development for over two years, and is now getting toward the final stages of the process to hopefully be out by early next year, Tyrone shares.

88 Heroes is coming to Steam, Xbox One and PS4.

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