Grant Gustin’s Flash Meets Ezra Miller’s in Crisis on Infinite Earths

Grant Gustin’s Flash Meets Ezra Miller’s in Crisis on Infinite Earths

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The CW had made some ambitious crossovers with Crisis on Infinite Earths what with Kevin Conroy’s Bruce Wayne and Tom Welling’s Clark Kent. What’s impressive is they actually managed to crossover to the main DCEU with Ezra Miller’s Flash making a cameo.

Check out the clip:

It’s only a short clip, but it’s a fun interaction between both Barry Allens. You even have them commenting on each other’s costumes, with The CW’s Flash said to have a more comfortable-looking get-up as compared to the DCEU one which just “looks cool.”

What’s also fun is that Miller was also able to reference another DCEU hero Cyborg. After the box office bomb that was Justice League, WB had pulled the release of the standalone Cyborg movie from its original date. Now we have no idea when we’re going to see Ray Fisher as Cyborg again. But with this neat nod; I think it’s fun that Miller is still making us aware that Cyborg exists in the DCEU

Gustin also shared some BTS images of him and Miller’s Flash. Check them out:

For now, Crisis on Infinite Earths has concluded, but that doesn’t mean the end for the Fastest Man Alive. The CW’s Flash is still an ongoing show, and Miller’s Flash movie is actually moving forward finally with director Andy Muschietti (IT). For a movie about someone who can control speed, it sure is taking a while for The Flash to hit theaters.

Catch The Flash when it comes out July 1, 2022.


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