Free Guy is Ryan Reynolds’ Favorite Film that He’s Worked On

Free Guy is Ryan Reynolds’ Favorite Film that He’s Worked On

We won’t be getting a Deadpool movie anytime soon, but Ryan Reynolds is set to come back to the big screen with a movie called Free Guy. While the trailer itself is fun, Reynolds has commented that this is one of the favorite films that he’s worked on.

Here’s his post:

With the blockbuster films going darker and darker (even Deadpool), Reynolds said that he took the project I order to work on something more upbeat and positive. He tells Total Film:

“I shudder to think that I would be as big of a thunderc**t to use a colossal global pandemic as a sort of means to find a valuable foothold for my movie… But I did notice that well before any of this shit happened I was already looking for entertainment outside of the norm for me. I mean, the world feels very hostile, very cynical, and scary. So I found myself looking for entertainment that left me feeling better, left me walking out of a movie theatre where I’m walking on sunshine, instead of, you know, wondering how I might drink myself to sleep or something.”

When you think about it, Reynolds has been working on some more kid-friendly material lately. Besides Free Guy, he’s also voiced the titular character of one Detective Pikachu. I’m curious about what else he has under his sleeves now that Deadpool is under the control of the Disney corporation. Hopefully Disney manages to keep him Rated R since that’s the reason the franchise is so successful in the first place.

The movie was originally set to come out in July, but thanks to the coronavirus, Free Guy is now set to hit theaters on Dec. 11.

Source: GamesRadar


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