Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed Officially Announced

Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed Officially Announced

Mickey Mouse has appeared in all kinds of media through the years, but back in 2010, he was the lead of his own action platformer in the form of Epic Mickey. The game was only able to get one sequel a few years later, but now Disney is ready to go back to the beginning with a shiny new coat of (magic) paint.

Here’s the official announcement for Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed:

Essentially, the game puts you in the shoes of Mickey Mouse, who is somehow thrust into a magical paper world created by Yen Sid (the sorcerer from Disney’s animated short The Sorcerer’s Apprentice). Since it was Mickey that ruined this world by messing around with the Magic Paintbrush, it will be up to him to defeat the Shadow Blot and restore order to what is now dubbed ‘The Wasteland.’

The game is a celebration of Mickey’s history, and delves into all of the projects he’s been in over the years—going as far back as his appearance in Steamboat Willy. The game also includes Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, who is widely considered to be the original version of Mickey that Disney wasn’t able to freely use since he was owned by another studio.

For context on how much the game has changed, here’s a look at the original gameplay for Epic Mickey:

Admittedly, we don’t have a look at the gameplay for the Rebrushed version yet, but hopefully we get more reveals as we near the release which is set for this year.


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