Everyone is Crying Over Emma Stone’s Engagement

Everyone is Crying Over Emma Stone’s Engagement

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Back when The Amazing Spider-Man was still a thing, everyone was celebrating the romance between Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. Sadly, the pair broke up back in 2015, and though a lot of people were hopeful they would come back together down the line, it looks like Stone is officially moving on.

News has just dropped that Stone has been engaged to her boyfriend of two years Dave McCary, and though everyone is happy for Stone, a lot of people online are crying over her not getting together with Garfield.




What’s funny is, a lot of people are comparing it to the ending of La La Land. In that film, Emma Stone’s character falls in love with Ryan Gosling’s, but in their pursuit for the success, they both lose each other in the end. It’s very bittersweet ending with both characters getting what they want—except each other, and everyone is saying that about Stone and Garfield now.


If anything, it’s just a film, and I’m sure that Stone will be happy with her fiancé in the future. As for Garfield, he’s not as big a star as Stone is anymore, but he seems to have been moving on with his life as well. Let’s just hope some crazy fans don’t go up to Stone or McCary saying they ruined what could have been with Garfield. You’d think that fans don’t need that pep talk, but some of them really do.


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