Encanto Fans Diss on Deleted Character Bubo

Encanto Fans Diss on Deleted Character Bubo

Encanto is another hit musical for Disney, and everyone online has been going around sharing concept art and deleted scenes. What’s funny is, one character that was put on the cutting room floor, Bubo, has been revealed, and a lot of fans are arguing over who could have been Isabella’s boyfriend in the film.

This is the tweet that sparked all the discussion:

And this is the deleted scene that actually shows Isabela meeting up with her dorky boyfriend:

In the final film, Isabela’s betrothal is a big deal to the family, but it’s revealed that she doesn’t want to marry Mariano at all and is only doing it for their Abuela. Including the Bubo character would have been a clearer indication that she doesn’t want to marry Mariano, but the final direction in the film shows a more independent driving force for Isabela—which I think is ultimately better.

If anything, there is a lot of criticism for the character of Bubo, who some are calling a shameless self-insert. There are also fans calling it out as a continuation of the ‘hot girl, dorky guy’ trope which some are considering a toxic, unrealistic message that has been peddled to audiences for decades.

I’m sure there are some rewrites that could have made the Bubo character work, but for now, the film works very much without him at all. Maybe he can show up in a sequel if Disney ever plans on bringing back Mirabel and her magical family down the line.

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