Emma Stone Considering Suing Disney After Scarlett Johansson Lawsuit

Emma Stone Considering Suing Disney After Scarlett Johansson Lawsuit

Black Widow star Scarlett Johansson made headlines last week when it was reported that she was suing Disney over breach of contract —specifically the release of Black Widow in theaters and on premiere access on the same day; apparently a lot of other actors are on her side, and we could expect others to join Johansson in her fight against Disney. That includes Emma Stone.

As per former THR editor Matt Belloni (via ScreenRant), Cruella star Emma Stone is also ‘weighing her options’ when it comes to suing the House of Mouse, and even Jungle Cruise actress Emily Blunt is expected to weigh in on the issue soon.

For context, Scarlett Johansson had opted to sue Disney after the release of Black Widow on Disney+ premiere access. Apparently, Johansson was set to receive a huge percentage of the box office earnings, but they were greatly diminished since the film was also released on Disney+ on the same day.

While we couldn’t ignore that there is a pandemic going on, and not all theaters will be safe to operate; some thought that Disney should have opted for a renegotiation for Johansson’s contract. We can only assume that actresses like Stone and Blunt are facing the same issue.

For now, it looks like the majority of the internet is on Johansson’s side. Though she’s been bashed for other things before (like her casting in Ghost in the Shell), everyone has now got her (and several others’) back in this fight against Disney.

You can check out Cruella and Black Widow on Disney+. Jungle Cruise is expected to release on July 24.


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