El Camino: Vince Gilligan Confirms that Walter White is DEAD

El Camino: Vince Gilligan Confirms that Walter White is DEAD

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Breaking Bad had ended back in 2013, but even now some people are still debating on the fate of Walter White in the finale. While it looked like Walter had clearly died, some think that the SWAT team still had a lot of time to save him from his bullet wounds. Sorry to stomp on your fan theories, but Vince Gilligan himself has confirmed that the great Heisenberg is no more.

When asked about Walter’s fate in The Rich Eisen Show, Gilligan answered, “Yeah, I’m gonna give you that one, Rich because I love you so much… Yes, Walter White is dead. Yes.” At least now Gilligan has given fans a solid answer, as he’s been playing about it even years after the finale.

If anything, the release of El Camino is what forced Gilligan to give fans a definitive answer; you can’t expect to move forward with Jesse’s story without finding out what really happened to Walter. While I would have loved to see Walter face justice for everything, his death was a very satisfying end to his character arc.

For now, everyone is excited to see the return of Jesse in El Camino. We don’t really know what to expect with the film, but I think it’s going to serve as a nice epilogue to the perfect series that was Breaking Bad.

Catch El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie when it hits Netflix on Oct. 11.

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