Doctor Who Gets a New Logo; New Poster Revealed

Doctor Who Gets a New Logo; New Poster Revealed

Steven Moffat has now stepped down the role of Doctor Who showrunner to hand the reins to Chris Chibnall, and it looks like the BBC wants to usher in this new era of DW. They’ve just unveiled a new logo for the series, as well as a silhouetted poster of Jodie Whittaker’s 13th Doctor.

Here’s the logo reveal:

And here’s the new poster:

With Eccleston to Capaldi pretty much using the same Doctor Who logo, I wonder what this means for the all-new Doctor. Will we be getting a new intro as well? Will Doctor 13 still hold a sonic screwdriver?

Of course, I’d like to wait and see before passing judgment on a show, but with a fanbase as large as Doctor Who, there are already a lot of fans online ranting about how this new direction is not for them. Then again, every switch of the Doctor is always met with the same cycle of fan backlash. It probably just feels different this time since Whittaker is a woman.

Source: Imgur

Hopefully, Whittaker will have a great run as the Doctor over the next few years. Her first episode doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s set to come out on BBC sometime this fall.


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