Doctor Strange 2 to Introduce America Chavez?

Doctor Strange 2 to Introduce America Chavez?

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With Avengers: Endgame marking the end of an era for the MCU, Marvel Studios is hard at work trying to fill up the roster with new heroes while at the same time slowly exiting the existing ones (like Black Widow and Hawkeye). With the Young Avengers set to make their debut soon, we may have one more new face introduced in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

According to The Direct, there could be plans to introduce America Chavez a.k.a. Miss America in the Doctor Strange sequel. The movie is said to be casting for a “teenage Hispanic female who will be a supporting lead in the film.” What’s more, the actress they’re looking for is supposed to be aged 12–15-years-old.

While America is supposed to be closer to her 20s in the comics, it would make sense that she would be cast young for the film. If anything, I don’t really expect her to do much with this movie. At best she’ll be taking the spotlight somewhere down the line, when the actress is a bit older. In the meantime, the focus is expected to be on Strange and Scarlet Witch.

On the subject of the Young Avengers though, we already have a good lineup of characters moving forward. It’s likely Spider-Man will be the lead of the group, and we’ll have faces like Ms. Marvel and Kate Bishop joining the roster. We’re also expecting to meet Speed and Wiccan in WandaVision, and it’s possible that Ant-Man’s daughter Cassie can take the mantle of Stature. Add to that Miss America, and we have a whole new team of Young Avengers.

While America Chavez hasn’t been officially confirmed for the film, we can expect Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness to hit theaters on Nov. 5, 2021.


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