WandaVision Resumes Shooting on July

WandaVision Resumes Shooting on July

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Back when lockdown started earlier in the year, everyone was hoping that things would get back to normal by June. Unfortunately, they haven’t; but at least some people can get back to work soon. That includes work on the production of WandaVision.

As per the Tampa Bay Comic-Con FB page, WandaVision is looking to resume shooting in July, seeing as Paul Bettany has cancelled his appearance at the con. Their announcement said:

We finally received word from Paul Bettany’s representation, and unfortunately Paul had to cancel his appearance at TBCC this year due being called back by Disney for WandaVision filming in July, in Los Angeles. We’re working on guest additions!

Oddly enough, it was said that WandaVision had wrapped filming before lockdown started, but then again, reshoots and pick-ups are always expected to take place after principal photography is done. We don’t have any details, but at least we know that Marvel is looking to get cameras rolling soon.

We don’t have a main idea for what WandaVision is going to be about, but it promises to be one of the more experimental Marvel properties moving forward. With Wanda’s powers having been reduced to moving things with her mind in the MCU, it would be interesting to see her bend reality like she could in the comics. Maybe this will also lead up to the Doctor Strange sequel, Multiverse of Madness.

No release date had been announced for WandaVision, but the show was expected to debut on Disney+ this winter. With lockdown setting everything back, a delay of the show is not unexpected.


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