Disney’s Live-Action Mulan NOT a Musical? Mushu Replaced with a Phoenix?

Disney’s Live-Action Mulan NOT a Musical? Mushu Replaced with a Phoenix?

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Disney’s live-action Aladdin is making a boatload of money in the box office, and now the Mouse House is gearing up for the release of Jon Favreau’s The Lion King remake. We also have a Mulan movie set to come out next year, and though we have no official announcement, we have some new rumors that will likely upset some fans of the original animated film.

According to The DisInsider, the live-action movie is said to not be a musical, and will instead allude to the classic songs via instrumentals. What’s more, Mushu, the dragon/comic relief sidekick, is being replaced with a phoenix.

This is what the site wrote:

A source close to us that has seen the film reports that a phoenix replaced Mulan’s beloved sidekick Mushu, and that while music from the animated film will be included in the remake, the songs will not be sung by the cast as the music is just instrumentals.

They also have these photos with the possible logo of the film (which include a phoenix):

With the other live-action adaptations like Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin keeping their songs, it’s kind of weird that they would drop this in Mulan. After all, the soundtrack of that movie was fantastic (and it’s honestly the only reason I watch these remakes).

As for Mushu being a phoenix, I guess it won’t be so bad(?). With this new “woke” society we have in Hollywood, I think it would cause some kind of trigger to have a jive-talking dragon in ancient China.

Then again, these are still just rumors and nothing official has been announced by Disney. Even if these changes are real, some suspect that it only takes some negative audience feedback for Disney to up and throw more money at the film to give audiences what they want.

Mulan stars Liu Yifei and is set to come out on March 27,2020.


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