Disney Officially Greenlights Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Disney Officially Greenlights Percy Jackson and the Olympians

20th Century Fox has tried and failed, and now Disney is going to take a stab at the world of Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

In an official message from Rick Riordan, he confirms that Disney has given the greenlight for the Percy Jackson series, and we’ll be seeing the show on Disney+ very soon. Here’s the announcement:

Riordan also announces that James Bobin, who had directed the pilot for Disney’s The Mysterious Benedict Society, will also be directing the pilot for Percy Jackson.

If the Millenials had Harry Potter then Gen-Z had Riordan’s Percy Jackson books. The story follows Percy Jackson who discovers that he’s the son of the god Poseidon; granting him special powers and an admission into “Camp Half-Blood”. From that point Percy is thrust into the modern world of Greek mythology where he runs into monsters and other gods who have found ways to exist in the today’s world.

Though 20th Century Fox had released two movies based on the books, they kind of dropped a lot of elements that made the original interesting. Hopefully now with Riordan on board, we can have a series that stays more true to the themes of the books, and we can have a completed saga where we watch Percy mature into his demi-godhood.

No release date has been set for the first season of Percy Jackson and the Olympians but catch it on Disney+ soon.


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