Discovery+ Developing Glee Docuseries

Discovery+ Developing Glee Docuseries

Fox’s Glee was generally a teen-friendly show, but if you do your research, you know that there’s a lot of drama going around behind-the-scenes from sex offenders to on-set bullies. Now Discovery+ wants to get behind the rumors and ‘lift a curtain’ on what really happened on the show.

Deadline reports that Ample Entertainment (9 Months with Courtney Cox, The Invisible Pilot) will be producing a three-part docuseries that will take a closer look on the drama behind-the-scenes of Ryan Murphy’s Glee.

Besides the death of stars Cory Monteith and Mark Salling, multiple stars have come out online to say that Lea Michele was apparently hard to work with on the set; we don’t know if it was a method acting situation, but fans remember the Rachel Berry character having her own star complex on the show.

I’ll admit, I thought that the series had started to dip in quality when it came to the latter seasons, but that first season was filled with some great music and fantastic acting from the cast. Not to mention, the show was probably responsible for forming the personalities of several theater kids during the early 2010s.

For now, the show has been deemed as ‘cursed’ by fans online, what with the fate of several cast members. Besides Monteith and Salling, Santana actress Naya Rivera had drowned during a boating trip back in 2020.

Who knows, maybe this docuseries will point out some of the great things that came out of the show as well. With the series being so formative to so many millenials, I’m sure a lot will want to tune in and find out the story of the making of Glee.

No release date has been set for the Glee docuseries on Discovery+.


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