Next Star Trek Movie Pushes Forward with J.J. Abrams and Discovery Writer

Next Star Trek Movie Pushes Forward with J.J. Abrams and Discovery Writer

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While Star Trek: Beyond seemed like a step in the right direction, the underperformance of the last film has opted for the franchise to be put on hiatus. With several directors being attached to the project (at one point Quentin Tarantino), it looks like thing are finally getting back into gear thanks to J.J. Abrams.

According to Deadline, Abrams is set to produce the next Trek movie under his Bad Robot label, and the Paramount has hired Star Trek: Discovery writer Kalinda Vasquez to handle the script. Vasquez actually had a lot of projects under her belt, and it includes titles like Runaways, Once Upon a Time, Prison Break, and Fear the Walking Dead.

We don’t know where this next Trek movie will go, but it was said that Beyond had set-up an eventual time-travel episode where Kirk (Chris Pine) would run into his father George Kirk, who was played by Chris Hemsworth in the 2009 Star Trek reboot.

With Hemsworth being an A-list actor now, it would make sense for Paramount to try and bank in on his Trek return. After all, he’s become quite the star since his short role as George. Having him come back could probably encourage other people who haven’t even seen the latest Trek films to actually give it a try.

Personally, the Kelvin Timeline was my jumping point into Trek, and I would love to see more of the cast. While it’s a bummer that Beyond came out unappreciated, I hope that Vasquez will see what worked in that film and build on it with her new script.

No release date has been set for Star Trek 4.


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