‘Death Stranding’ Trailer Reveals Mads Mikkelsen & Guillermo del Toro

‘Death Stranding’ Trailer Reveals Mads Mikkelsen & Guillermo del Toro

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At The Game Awards 2016, host Geoff Keighley presented Hideo Kojima with the much deserved Industry Icon Award. After his acceptance speech, the Metal Gear creator couldn’t walk away without offering up another “please enjoy” moment. Seconds later, the following Death Stranding trailer appeared on screen.

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. That is indeed both Guillermo del Toro AND Mads Mikkelsen in a Kojima game. We live in magically interesting times.

As fans have now come to expect from a Hideo Kojima teaser, it’s just that… a teaser. This offers no context as to what exactly Death Stranding’s mysterious narrative will entail. However, between this look and the Norman Reedus-starring E3 trailer, a few themes seem constant.

For one, more disappearing babies are prominent throughout. The black goo, presumably oil, from the initial reveal runs rampant here, as well. We don’t get any whales this time, but there are sea animal body parts featured… squid tentacles, perhaps? Theories can, and will, go on for days about that one seemingly minor detail alone. But we all know better; it’s not minor at all.

Most interesting was Mikkelsen’s soldier character. Like Reedus from the last trailer, he seemed to be absorbing the oil-like substance. The same substance that may be responsible for the deceased infants we see throughout. This notion is especially notable with del Toro’s character carrying an alive infant in a small incubation-looking device. Is this oily liquid killing children? What’s with the soldiers… does the substance give them some kind of power? We honestly have too many questions. Thankfully, more details are likely to come at PSX this weekend, as Hideo Kojima will feature on a Death Stranding panel.

Hideo Kojima’s latest is a PS4 exclusive that’s currently without a release date.

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