Deadpool Creator Is Siding With Fans Over The Less Than Stellar Venom Teaser Trailer

Deadpool Creator Is Siding With Fans Over The Less Than Stellar Venom Teaser Trailer

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Sony released a teaser trailer for Venom this morning and fans were quick to notice a major part of the trailer was missing, Venom, how do you make a trailer even a teaser without teasing the symbiote anti-hero? That’s the question many fans were left wondering and one that Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld fully agreed with. Check out his tweets below:

And even when some fans tried to defend Sony’s decision to release the trailer now he had no issue disagreeing with them:

Rob Liefeld also insinuated that Sony has been contacting website over the negative coverage, we’re not 100% positive about that one. We left our coverage as unbiased as possible because we wanted to leave the fans open to discuss it, but once most people saw it we agreed with the fans that the trailer was put up prematurely. We understand the process behind movies and were thinking that the final CGI and post-edits to make a good trailer or teaser wouldn’t be ready until maybe March or April so we were generally surprised and confused as to why Sony chose to release the teaser so early especially after production just wrapped.  As far as an Eddie Brock heavy teaser is concerned, the studio might have been better off showing half as much footage with a tease of the symbiote, not a full-blown shot of Venom, but a tease.

 The decision to not show Venom in the teaser trailer ultimately makes the movie look confusing and like a normal action movie with a hint of sci-fi, which could lead to some confusion for people who are not aware of the character. We still have high hopes for the movie, but we really hope Sony stays out of the decision process and hopefully touches base with the director or editors before releasing any more footage before it’s ready because when you have a cast like this it’s just a shame to let marketing hype ruin what could potentially be one of Sony’s best movies of the year from a blockbuster standpoint.
In the meantime let us know your thoughts below. Do you think Sony jumped the gun or do you think fans are being too harsh about the early release?

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