DC’s Black Canary Movie Still Pushing Forward

DC’s Black Canary Movie Still Pushing Forward

DC’s Batgirl was in the final stages of post-production already, that’s why it was such a huge shock when it was announced that the project had been pulled from release. With fans wondering which other DC projects have been canned, one more title has managed to come out unscathed.

According to TV Line, the Birds of Prey spinoff Black Canary starring Jurnee Smollett is still pushing forward with screenwriter Misha Green. We don’t have any specifics on how far the project is in development, but at least we know that the plug hasn’t been pulled—like with Sasha Calle’s Supergirl solo movie.

We don’t have any official timeline of WB’s new plan for the DC Universe including the Black Canary movie, but rumor is going around that they are going to go with the MCU approach that will run the course of 10 years.

It’s still unclear what kind of canon DC wants to establish, but with Ben Affleck returning for The Flash and Aquaman 2, some are hoping that we can see some kind of revival of the Snyderverse. Others even thought that its disconnection with the Snyderverse was what got Batgirl cancelled (Michael Keaton was confirmed to play Batman in that movie).

With Marvel pushing forward with so many releases from TV to film, DC fans are definitely feeling low when it comes to the state of their fandom. Let’s just hope that these new head honchos at WB know what they’re doing this time around with Black Canary.

The next DC project, Black Adam, comes to theaters Oct. 21.


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