David Jenkins Teases Our Flag Means Death Season 2

David Jenkins Teases Our Flag Means Death Season 2

While it was no House of the Dragon, Our Flag Means Death was one of the more celebrated shows that premiered on HBO this year. A second season has already been greenlit, and showrunner David Jenkins teases the return of television’s favorite, openly gay pirates.

This is Jenkins’ post:

We don’t really know what the image is supposed to entail, but I’m guessing it could be the flag for a new incoming character. We know that Blackbeard had raised an enhanced version of his flag after his break-up with Stede, so it’s very likely the series could be introducing us to more flags that could represent other pirate ships and their crews.

Who knows, maybe the series will actually delve into some mystical territory this time around and introduce us to mermaids and other sea creatures. I mean, pirates may be all about buried treasure and looting, but giant sea creatures and sirens are just as fun when it comes to fiction.

Admittedly OFMD starts out kind of slow, but the series really picks up once Taika Waititi’s Blackbeard appears. You have to hand it to Waititi and Rhys Darby for having some great chemistry; and the show has also been commended for going all out with its gay relationships rather than just teasing them (something that fans have been calling queer-baiting) in other shows.

Our Flag Means Death Season 2 has no specific release date, but the series is expected to return to HBO Max sometime in 2023.


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