Damon Lindelof Definitely NOT Doing Watchmen S02

Damon Lindelof Definitely NOT Doing Watchmen S02

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HBO’s Watchmen had just won big at the Emmys with a whopping 11 wins (including Best Limited Series, Best Actress, and Best Supporting Actor), and though a lot of people would want to know what happens to Angela Abar after the finale, it looks like show creator Damon Lindelof is adamant about sticking with just one season.

According to USA Today, Lindelof has stated that making a second season of Watchmen would be a ‘huge betrayal’ on his part. When it comes to someone else taking over the story though, Lindelof says he would be all-in for it.  During the virtual backstage of the Emmy Awards, Lindelof says:

“This was my run at it. Any other artist who wants to take the baton, I’ll teach them everything I knew… I am so much more excited to see what someone else does with it, then what I would do with it.”

Though the show was critically acclaimed, a lot of fans think that keeping to one season was the best call. While the show focused on completely new characters, Lindelof managed to intertwine the story of the Abars so closely to that of the original graphic novel that everything tied up neatly by the end. Adding more seasons to Watchmen kind of runs the risk of the perfect ending that they worked toward.

While I’m also open for a sequel, I think we need time to make this series sit. Maybe in the next 10 years, someone can take on another Watchmen project, and it would reflect the problems of that era. Hopefully they keep to the show’s socially relevant commentary because the series managed to hone in on that perfectly.

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