What Should CW’s Next Arrowverse Crossover Be About?

What Should CW’s Next Arrowverse Crossover Be About?

Bizarro’s World!

What Should CW's Next Arrowverse Crossover Be About?
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The Comics: Again, Supergirl needs a more prevalent role in this year’s crossover, so here’s another Superman story that can be catered for Kara Danvers. Bizarro’s World is a 5-issue story in Superman comics, but here I think I’d like a different type of adaptation of the story. The 20th episode of 90s’ Superman: The Animated Series showcases Superman’s weird doppelganger’s return and spawns destruction and battle sequences as he looks for his home. A more comedic story, but one that still holds stakes.

The Crossover: In this universe, Supergirl has gotten a Bizarro of her own, but maybe we get Tyler Hoechlin to return, not as Kara’s cousin but as a misplaced Bizarro Superman. There can be tons of excuses for Hoechlin’s Superman to not be around letting Supergirl to deal with this deformed version of him alone. While we know that Supergirl is indeed stronger than her cousin, maybe this version of Superman is one that she can’t handle and needs to call in her super friends for help. The resolution of the story in the animated series was that Superman finds Bizarro an uninhabited planet for him to live on. Here maybe Cisco’s multiverse’s expertise comes into play.

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