What Should CW’s Next Arrowverse Crossover Be About?

What Should CW’s Next Arrowverse Crossover Be About?

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What Should CW's Next Arrowverse Crossover Be About?
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The Comics: Since Supergirl got the short end of the stick last year, it might be good to introduce a Superman-centric story re-adapted to fit our Girl of Steel; not uncommon to the show. This is a 2001 story written by Jeph Loeb with art by Ed McGuinness that introduces Imperiex as the main antagonist. Imperiex, who embodies entropy, finds “imperfections” in the fabric of the universe so he sets out to destroy it so it may begin anew. To accomplish this he travels to Earth (the center of the universe according to all the Crisis stories), forcing Earth’s heroes to make an alliance with Darkseid.

The Crossover: Now, what if Imperiex doesn’t want to destroy the universe, but instead he wants to destroy the multiverse? Of course, we don’t have Darkseid, but we have enough heroes that can put their heads together to fight what’s basically a god. What’s interesting about the comic story is that Superman, also being somewhat of a god-like figure, is the main player when fighting Imperiex off. Superman gets aid from Brainiac 13 and Lex Luthor tech to send Imperiex back in time in an effort to kill him during the Big Bang. A Brainiac 8 has been previously introduced to the Arrowverse on Supergirl. Plus, the Legends and a few Speedsters have the ability to travel back in time. The biggest challenge for the writers in this interpretation would be to adapt a satisfactory ending; one similar to the one in the comics when Imperiex realizes he was the “imperfection” that needed to be destroyed all along.

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