Confirmed: Avengers 4 Trailer is Coming on Wednesday

Confirmed: Avengers 4 Trailer is Coming on Wednesday

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The whole November everyone was guessing when the trailer for Avengers 4 will come out. Now the month has come and gone and we haven’t got a preview at all. The good news is, there’s an official release for the trailer already, and we’ll be getting a total of two this week.

According to The DisInsider’s Skyler Shuler, we’re getting a new Captain Marvel trailer Monday night (Dec. 03) with the Avengers 4 trailer finally dropping Wednesday morning (Dec. 05). We don’t know the reason as to why Marvel had decided to hold back on the release of the A4 trailer, but at least we get a week with two trailer drops.

If we’re really lucky, maybe Sony will even give us the first preview for Spider-Man: Far from Home.

With the movies coming out early next year, it’s the right time for new trailers to be dropped for both Captain Marvel and Avengers 4. If Solo teaches us anything, the marketing of the movie is incredibly crucial to the film’s success. A lot of fans actually liked Solo, but seeing that Disney wanted all the focus on Infinity War, they decided to water down the promotion—leading to Lucasfilm’s infamous ‘flop.’

At least for now we have a final schedule for the A4 trailer. With all the videos and tweets demanding its release last month, maybe the fans can now quiet down until they want a preview for something else.

Catch Captain Marvel in theaters March 8, 2019 and Avengers 4 May 3, 2019.


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