Check Out The New Look at Bucky’s Costume

Check Out The New Look at Bucky’s Costume

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Marvel Studios may be busy pushing the release of the Black Widow film next year, but everyone is curious about he first MCU miniseries coming out on Disney+, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. We’ve been getting some new promotional material here and there, but some people have managed to spot Sebastian Stan in costume as the Winter Soldier out in the wild.

Check it out:

With the way that Marvel is so secretive, it’s so weird that Stan would be allowed to go out in full costume. Then again, I’m guessing they were counting on someone to spot him and post up his photo online to generate some buzz (for free, mind you). Hopefully we get some sneaky pics of Sam Wilson in his Captain America costume.

Going back to Bucky though, it looks like they’re coming back to his short cut that we got from The First Avenger. With Bucky supposedly ‘fixed’ now, I guess it’s a kind of visual metaphor that he’s no longer the greasy-haired Russian assassin that we’ve known for a couple of years.

Though I would have preferred a movie with Sam and Bucky, I guess this is a better chance for Marvel to really flesh out the characters with less restrictions. Besides, Disney+ needs some more draws after The Mandalorian; let’s hope the series doesn’t disappoint.

Catch The Falcon and The Winter Soldier when it premieres on Disney+ sometime in the fall of 2020. You can catch Black Widow in theaters May 1, 2020.


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