Captain Marvel Review: The Cat’s Out Of The Bag

Captain Marvel Review: The Cat’s Out Of The Bag

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Captain Marvel reviews are rolling in and whereas some people are just disliking it for being confusing, others blame it for being a beacon of “SJW bullshit” and some are just mad because it prominently features the air force (odd because that’s literally her back story), and then those who enjoyed it  like us like it for what it is and we honestly agree it’s good Marvel film packed with action and some incredible fight sequences and a good amount of humor, but it’s not number one especially when it’s been released after the juggernauts that are Avengers Infinity War and Civil War or even Black Panther, but we’re not sure anyone was expecting a prequel movie to be anyway? You tell us…

The film itself is a story of a woman caught between a war between the Kree and the Skrull, but with one issue looming she doesn’t really remember anything about her life prior to the 6 years she’s spent on the Kree planet Hala, but hey, at least she gets to learn about her life to a killer 90’s soundtrack and as a 90’s kid, born in 85, we’re biased and we will admit that give us all the No Doubt, TLC and Spice Girls, okay?

Brie Larson does a good job with Captain Marvel, but it’s to be expected she’s a good actress whether or not you want to admit it her portrayal of Carol Danvers is very much directed to fit in with the larger MCU her general banter, wit and strength will serve her well when Endgame hits theatres at the end of April, and speaking of Endgame there is a significant post-credits scene that you should definitely sit through since it’s pretty significant to Endgame (we’re not going to give anything away, but it’s definitely a major part of the next film).

As for the other characters we have some de-aged Fury (Samuel L Jackson) and Coulson (Clarke Gregg) action that the fans will appreciate and we think the dynamic with Fury and Carol Danvers is a perfect buddy comedy-drama that we always appreciate within the Marvel-verse. We also get to witness her relationship with Maria Rambeau (Lashana Lynch) that also gives us an introduction to her daughter Monica Rambeau aka Spectrum (and 5 other aliases) which is a nice shout out to comic book fans.

Beyond that we have a stellar performance by the Skrull leader Tala played by Ben Mendelsohn, even under all his prosthetics, his acting is fantastic. We also get Mar-Vell played by Annette Benning, though her characterization is short lived and may fall flat with those who are familiar with the comic book version of Mar-Vell. As for Ronan, as you know from the trailer, we do see him but his role is so insignificant in this film that even mentioning him seems like a waste of a review.

Now the film itself was set up to introduce us to Captain Marvel and to lend itself to the greater arc of the MCU as well as close some gaps on lingering questions we had about the current MCU, but even with all it’s action sequences and witty banner the film does very much fall in line with Doctor Strange or Ant-Man in the fact that we liked it, but it’s not our top Marvel movie by any means.

The reasoning for our lower review is easily the pacing. For the first part of the movie, you feel a bit lost as though the director could have allowed itself to start at a different point than where it did and this was noted by us and a friend as we watched the movie. Then about 20 minutes in or so you start getting a feel for the real conflict of the film and Carol’s struggle with personal identity that she does eventually overcome. During her struggle there’s definitely some parts of the film that feel like the directors were being a tad bit too on the nose when it came to addressing the haters of the film or perhaps they’ve just been hanging out in Reddit too much like us, but those in your face moments are the parts we enjoyed the most as we sat there and laughed because we knew without a doubt some people were going to hate it, but that’s the fun part about reviewing these movies you don’t have to agree with us you can hate it, but just remember there is no avoiding her in Endgame, she’s here to stay and we’re personally kind of happy about that.

With that said we’d like to dedicate this review to a cool cat named Goose (Reggie) he was the star of this damn movie and we really don’t care what you say, he and Nick Fury are now are ultimate ship so forget all the others Fury and Goose forever.


Captain Marvel is in theatres on March 8th you can get your tickets now!

Captain Marvel Movie Reivew


The Captain Marvel movie is hitting theatres on March 8th. So far reviews have been mixed, but we’re going to put it up there as a middle of the road Marvel film it’s not their best, but it’s far from their worse and gives a satisfying connection to many of our MCU questions.

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