Watch Behind-the-Scenes Preview for the Finale of Young Sheldon

Watch Behind-the-Scenes Preview for the Finale of Young Sheldon

Iain Armitage was just a little kid when Young Sheldon started back in 2017, and now he’s all-grown with the final season of the series coming to an end. The finale is expected to be a two-part end with episodes The Funeral and Memoir, and CBS just dropped a behind-the-scenes look with the actors and some returning faces from The Big Bang Theory.

Check this out:

Besides the main cast talking about their final moments with each other, we also have a look at Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik who will be both reprising their roles as Sheldon and Amy for the first time post TBBT. We don’t know how much of the finale they will be in, but it’s speculated that old Sheldon will contextualize the entire series as something he’s been recording for a memoir.

Fans are hoping we’ll get to see Sheldon’s own kids (one of them Leonard Cooper) in the show, seeing that the finale will also have Sheldon looking back at his relationship with his own father. I’m expecting some kind of callback or small cameo from the rest of the Big Bang Theory cast.

Just like TBBT, Young Sheldon has managed to become a huge hit. There are several factors as to why the series was such a success, but my guess is that the biggest reason was that the show managed to appeal to a huge chunk of the audience being as wholesome as it was while promoting conservative family values—a classic, feel-good sitcom.

For now, the show is looking to spinoff with Georgie (Montana Jordan) and Mandy (Emily Osment) with Georgie and Mandy’s First Wedding. We don’t know if it’ ll manage to be as successful without Sheldon, but the characters are likeable enough, and we should get some cameos from the other Cooper family members.

The finale of Young Sheldon premieres on May 16 on CBS.


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