Amazon’s Fallout Releases Gag Reel

Amazon’s Fallout Releases Gag Reel

Amazon’s Fallout has one of the more silly lenses on the concept of the apocalypse, and just like any other series out there, we now have a gag reel for the show.

This just got officially released:

Besides just seeing the cast goof around on set, the reel also tells us just how much of the series was practical. We know that the Gulper that Lucy and Maximus run into is completely CG in the series, but they actually made a practical prop that could gush water for the cast to interact with.

Depsite some earlier doubts (myself included) about the show releasing all episodes on the same day, it turns out that Fallout was one of the most watched shows to come out on Amazon Prime Video since Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

For now, it’s been reported that Amazon has already greenlit the series for a second season, but we still don’t know how long Jonathan Nolan wants the show to play. We know that Lucy and the Ghoul are now on a quest to find the Ghoul’s family, but that will probably just lead them to go back to Lucy’s Vault 33—where her brother Norm could or couldn’t be forced into hypersleep.

There’s also the case of Maximus suddenly getting a promotion at the Brotherhood of Steel, and Lucy’s dad running off to New Vegas (which is a huge location for anyone whose played the games).

Check out the first season of Fallout now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


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