Breaking Bad Movie Willl Follow Jesse Pinkman’s Story After the Finale

Breaking Bad Movie Willl Follow Jesse Pinkman’s Story After the Finale

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News had just come out that Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan is working on a movie set in the same universe, and now we have confirmation on who will be the main character of the film.

/Film has confirmed that Gilligan’s movie is going to be centered on Jesse Pinkman and it will follow his story after Walt helps him escape from the Nazis. Aaron Paul is set to reprise his role as Pinkman, but we still have no confirmation if Bryan Cranston is going to return as Walter White.

If Walt were to make an appearance in this series though, I would expect him to be either in flashbacks or just photos in the background. With Walt dying in the finale, I’m expecting Jesse is just going to look at the news and see that Walt has already died. With Hank having died, it’s possible that there’s no more evidence linking Jesse to the meth lab.

Then again, there has been heavy fan speculation that Walter actually survives the shootout, and if he does, I’m thinking this movie could have Walt standing trial for his crimes as Heisenberg. Then again, with Gilligan, I’m expecting him to keep Walt dead. After all, it was a fitting end after all that he had been through for the entire run of Breaking Bad.

With Jesse in the spotlight again though, I would like to see what has happened to Skyler and Walt Jr. Heck, maybe we can even get an update on Saul Goodman before he becomes the Cinnabon manager in Omaha like he wanted to.

No release date has been set for this Breaking Bad film.


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