BossLogic Imagines Natalie Portman as the Mighty Thor

BossLogic Imagines Natalie Portman as the Mighty Thor

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Marvel Studios surprised everyone at SDCC 2019 when they announced Thor: Love and Thunder, and it was even more surprising to find out that Natalie Portman would be the new lead in the form of Jane Foster. We don’t have any official look at Portman in costume yet, but artist BossLogic gives us his take on what a poster for Love and Thunder could look like.

I think it’s cool that BL was also able to use a photo of a bald Portman from V for Vendetta; in the comics, Jane Foster is diagnosed with a terminal illness, but when she becomes worthy of lifting Mjolnir, she transforms into a superhuman, shedding away her sickness—at least, temporarily.

I have no doubt that Taika Waititi will be adapting that storyline for the film since it’s too good to pass up. If you ask me, Jane Foster is probably one of the most boring characters in the MCU, and I can’t wait for the studio to give her something more to work on. Portman herself is also a great actress, and it’s kind of annoying to just watch her pine over Thor, if not Thor, then her research.

Is it too late to ask for Kat Dennings to return as well?

For now, Thor: Love and Thunder is set to come out Nov. 5 , 2021.


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