Black Widow: Robert Downey Jr. Black Widow Appearance is Not What You Think

Black Widow: Robert Downey Jr. Black Widow Appearance is Not What You Think

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Robert Downey Jr.’s appearance in Avengers: Endgame had perfectly capped off his time in the MCU, and a lot of people were coming to terms with Tony Stark’s death. Rumor had come out recently though, that RDJ was coming back for an appearance in Black Widow, but it may not be in a way that people think.

According to Marvel Stuff on Twitter, RDJ’s appearance in Black Widow is actually deleted footage from Captain America: Civil War. They write:

Robert Downey Jr’s appearance in BLACK WIDOW is a short cameo where he tells Natasha to run away. It’s a deleted scene from CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR that they are reusing

Seeing that Stark didn’t even make an appearance in Spider-Man: Far from Home, it’s kind of weird that he would suddenly have an appearance in Black Widow’s solo outing. Then again, Tony Stark was still alive during the events of this movie, and Black Widow was introduced to the MCU in Iron Man 2.

I guess it’s also kind of fitting that the two characters die in the same film, and Iron Man becomes the supporting character in the Widow solo movie.

For now, nothing official has been announced, but a lot of people are eager to see Iron Man one last time on the big screen; albeit, we shouldn’t expect him to steal all of Widow’s thunder in her movie. After 10 years of playing second fiddle to the boys, it’s Natasha Romanoff’s time to shine.

Catch Black Widow in theaters May 1, 2020.


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