BIlly Dee Williams Officially Returns As Lando Calrissian for Star Wars IX

BIlly Dee Williams Officially Returns As Lando Calrissian for Star Wars IX

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Chatter has been going around that Billy Dee Williams will be coming back as Lando Calrissian for Star Wars Episode IX, but now the news is official.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Williams will be reprising the role of Lando Calrissian which he originated in Empire Strikes Back.

Speculation of Williams’ involvement was sparked when it was learned that Williams has started training and has gone on a diet—the same thing that Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill went through when it was announced that they were coming back for The Force Awakens. Add to that, Williams was said to have cancelled a con appearance because it conflicted with a ‘movie schedule.’

With Carrie Fisher gone, Lando is the perfect legacy character to bring back for Episode IX. Ever since Empire, Lando had become part of the original team. Plus, his popularity has spiked ever since Donald Glover played him in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Sure the film might have been a flop when it released in cinemas earlier this year, but a lot of fans had great things to say about Glover’s version of Lando.

Fans are sure to be psyched to see Lando making a return. If only Denis Lawson was open enough to reprise his role of Wedge Antilles.

Star Wars Episode IX is set to come out Dec. 20, 2019.


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