Bill Burr Says Star Wars Fans ‘Respectful’ but ‘A Little Creepy’

Bill Burr Says Star Wars Fans ‘Respectful’ but ‘A Little Creepy’

Comedian Bill Burr had been trashing Star Wars since it came back in 2015, and it was only funny that Burr would find himself as one of the most beloved characters on Disney+’s The Mandalorian. While a chunk of Star Wars fans are notoriously vile on the internet, it seems that Burr has had a more positive interaction with the fandom.

In a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Burr compares the intensity of Star Wars fans to sports fans. He says:

So it’s been interesting to go into that world because, you know, those fans are just as rabid as sports fans. But their vibe is totally different. Star Wars fans are like, “Hey, wow, I really, really liked you in that episode.” They’re all like respectful and stuff. And then like I always know it’s a sports fan because I’ll just be walking down the street with my wife and they’ll just say, “Hey, Billy B*tch Tits! Hey, the Pats suck!” And I’ll be like, “Hey, thank you! Thanks for listening to the podcast.”

With actors like Ahmed Best, Kelly Marie Tran, and John Boyega (to name a few) having the exact opposite experience since working on SW, it’s kind of obvious that Burr is only seeing one side of the fandom—which is great (for him). Even so, he does say that he still thinks that the Star Wars fans can get a tad creepy. He continues:

“Oh, the Star Wars people can get a little creepy. Like they seem like they’d be in your bushes, possibly… Where a sports fan would just be urinating on your bushes. [The Star Wars fan] would be in it trying to think, I don’t know, ‘He held the Baby Yoda. I need to see what his living room looks like.’”

We don’t know when Burr can come back to Star Wars, but we know there are some fans who are just waiting for a redemption arc for Migs Mayfeld.

In the meantime, you can catch Burr on the new season of his show, F is for Family, which hits Netflix on Nov. 25. The first two seasons of The Mandalorian are now streaming on Disney+.


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