Batwoman Recasts Kate Kane with Krypton’s Wallis Day

Batwoman Recasts Kate Kane with Krypton’s Wallis Day

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Probably one of the biggest controversies for The CW’s Batwoman series was when lead actress Ruby Rose quit the show. With the fate of Kate Kane left a mystery, it has been revealed that the role has been recast.

According to Deadline, Wallis Day (Krypton) will be taking over the role of Kate Kane in the show. Ever since Rose had quit the show, the role of Batwoman had been taken over by Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie), and the whereabouts of Kate were kept a mystery. Now it has been revealed that Kate is still alive, but she has been left unrecognizable after a crash had given her some serious injuries.

While Kate Kane is back, this doesn’t mean that she will be once again the lead of the show. The role of Batwoman is still pretty much Leslie’s, and it’s possible that Kane’s role will be altered moving forward. If anything, they could probably go a Batman Beyond route and have Kane be the ‘guy in the chair’ role for Wilder’s Batwoman—much like what Bruce Wayne did for Terry McGinnis.

Admittedly, every production has been having hard time with the pandemic, and it didn’t help for Batwoman that its main star had decided to leave the show. With Leslie though, there’s a lot of room for her to become her own Batwoman, and hopefully the showrunners will be able to carve out an interesting character for her moving forward.

In a city desperate for a savior, Batwoman must first overcome her own demons before embracing the call to be Gotham’s symbol of hope.

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