WATCH: ‘Batman v Superman’ Gets an Honest Trailer

WATCH: ‘Batman v Superman’ Gets an Honest Trailer

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The comical folks over on YouTube channel Screen Junkies have added Zack Snyder’s superhero smackdown Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to their catalogue of Honest Trailers. The long running series of videos takes various films, television shows and video games and breaks them down in a rather honest fashion to the sound of a paraded movie trailer voice.

Popular Honest Trailers include Game of Thrones Vol. 1, Frozen, Fifty Shades of Grey and Titanic.

Check out the Batman v Superman Honest Trailer below:

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Batman v Superman was released back in March to mixed reception. Critics slammed the movie for its machismo undertones, convoluted, overly dense plot line and a lengthy runtime. Fans, on the other hand, praised the establishment of a wider universe and portrayal of DC’s flagship heroes. Screen Junkies’ Honest Trailer certainly picked up on those points in typical satirical fashion. No doubt this will go down as a fan favourite.

The extended Ultimate Edition that added 30 minutes of footage seemingly went down better with those that disliked the theatrical release. We certainly though it improved upon some of the film’s shortcomings. There is even an Honest Trailer for the Ultimate Edition that you can watch if you sign up to Screen Junkies premium network, Screen Junkies plus.

Meanwhile, more information surrounding the solo movie of Ben Affleck’s acclaimed Batman has surfaced, with rumours suggesting the film takes place in Arkham Asylum.

Image: Screen Junkies


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